On one side, there is movement, the present, and presence: on the other, immobility, the past, a certain absence. On the one side, the consent of illusion; on the other, a quest for hallucination. Here a fleeting image, one that seizes us in flight; there, a completely still image that cannot be fully grasped. On this side, time doubles life; on that, time returns to us brushed with death.

Raymond Bellour ‘The Pensive Spectator’ 

What sits at the heart of my work is a fascination with the persistent sense of the missed encounter apparent in the photographic image and how this indicates a perpetual sense of loss or lack in human experience. By drawing attention to the devices we employ in our attempts to seize, decipher and possess experience, my intention is to reflect upon the melancholic desire that the photographic image and impulse unveil. 

Encounters: Claude Glass, 2010


Initiated in 2010 Encounters is an evolving series of moving-image installations that aim to echo and emphasise particular qualities of image-making technologies. As well as employing optical devices in the image-making process, the apparatus is also referenced through the installation of the work. A moving-image – a fragment of film – is encountered in a way that echoes the experience of the device and the image it encloses. During the encounter, the viewer is witness to an event, a happening – the nature of which aims to evoke the uncanny quality of the technology and allude to historic notions and representations associated with the device.

Encounters: Camera Obscura, 2010


Encounters: View Camera, 2010


A Sign, A Full View: Menier Gallery, London, 2011