Ideas Series is a set of pre-designed workshops and micro-projects that explore a range of photography-focused ideas and creative processes. Taking inspiration from a range of historic and contemporary practitioners, participants are invited to engage with a variety of practical activities that enable them to be experimental; try out new ideas and work with photographic images in new ways. The sessions can be delivered independently or scheduled as part of a learning programme. Each workshop can be adapted to suit any age group or study level. Please get in touch if you’d like further details.

James Barron, Digital Outreach Coordinator, University of Brighton Widening Participation Team:

Lindsey designed and facilitated online Saturday clubs that were engaging and innovative.  It was amazing to see how she was able to use technology to demonstrate not only practical photography skills but, also inspire young people to synthesise their ideas and develop into confident creators.

Isla, Online Workshop Participant:

The workshop was very informative, freeing and more importantly really fun. Not only did I practice various skills and complex techniques but, it also was a gateway to finding another art form that I love. Which I wouldn’t of looked into beforehand. 

#1 Reimagine & Recreate

Designed to be delivered online this 2-phase micro-project explores Staged Photography. Unlike the spontaneous snapshot or documentary image this practise involves setting up a contrived scene to communicate an idea, interrogate an existing image or propose a new perspective. In addition to the role of photographer, participants might become a director, costume designer, make-up artist and/or a performer.

#2 Collectives & Collaboration

A growing number of photographers are forming collectives as a means to enrich their practice, expand their network and increase their visibility. Taking inspiration from a range of contemporary lens-based collectives participants will be supported in working collaboratively to map out a manifesto, produce a photographic series and contribute to a group critique. This day-long workshop can be delivered online or in-person.  

#3 Archives & Appropriation

This 2-hour online workshop involves working with existing images to create new collage-based artworks. A range of practices and possibilities are introduced alongside practical activities that encourage participants to experiment with cutting, combining and layering photographs. Participants can work with images of their own or materials can sourced and sent by post prior to the session.

#4 Sculpt, Shape & Retake

A 2-hour online workshop exploring Photo-Sculpture; using photographic images as sculptural material. Participants are introduced to a range of ideas and set a variety of practical tasks to explore ways to manipulate, situate and re-image photographs to produce fascinating results. Participants can work with images of their own or materials can sourced and sent by post prior to the session. 

Chloe Hoare, Learning & Community Engagement Manager, Phoenix Arts Association:

The young people were initially given a ‘photo walk’ task to generate their own images that were printed and posted to them, ready to be used in an online workshop. Lindsey then guided them through a process of physically manipulating their prints to create ‘photo sculptures’ in the online session. Lindsey demonstrated that there are many different and often unexpected ways of working with photography. Her flexible and innovative approach worked incredibly well for everyone involved. Online learning offered participants the opportunity to work privately in their own spaces, allowing a creative freedom that can be difficult to achieve when everyone is in the same room.

#5 Surface, Texture & Transformation

Designed to be hands-on and process-led, this session invites participants to explore image making techniques that transform the photographic surface. Taking inspiration from existing artworks, participants are introduced to a range of processes to play with including folding, painting, scanning, transaquatypes and shaving foam prints. This workshop is designed to be delivered in-person for a full or half day.

#6 Light & Illumination

This workshop explores experimental image making techniques working with photography and projection. Participants are given access to a range of projection technologies and encouraged to work with layers of light and shadow whilst incorporating other creative processes including drawing, performance and video. This workshop is designed to be delivered in-person for a full or half day.